Deploy-as-you-save client for the cloud

rx is a lightweight CLI and runtime that lets you deploy any function instantly as you save it in your editor. It’s fast, simple, and takes care of setting up all your cloud infrastructure.

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Introducing rx

Tired of all the scaffolding and roles, buckets, tables, auth, payments, and everything else you have to set up every time you start a new project? rx is here for you.

Introducing rx, a cloud client for getting stuff done. It makes it really easy to deploy any TypeScript function to the cloud. You just have to write some code, hit Cmd + S to save in your editor, and your changes are deployed automatically. It redeploys every time you save, usually in under a second, so your changes are live instantly. It has a bunch of stuff built in and nothing to configure. It's just plain functions.

Each function has access to secrets, storage, auth, payments, and more, all built right in!

Use the power of the cloud without any new concepts to learn. By the time you scroll to the bottom of this document, you'll be an rx expert.

πŸ”₯ Bottomless storage for objects, files, logs, and secrets
πŸ”₯ Free auth and analytics
πŸ”₯ No cold starts

Write functions in TypeScript

export async function sayHello () {
  return 'Hello there!'

Automatically deploy to the cloud as you save

rx dev

Create environments with a single command

rx deploy prod

Use virtually infinite secrets, object, and blob storage

const user ='some-user-id-key')
const apiKey = context.secrets.get('some-api-key')

Each function has access to a powerful context object

Call any user's public functions

const response ={
  user: '@someUser',
  function: 'doStuff'

Lookup data from any other user or function's storage

const user ={
  user: '@someUser',
  function: 'doStuff',
  key: 'some-user-id-key'

Send email and SMS notifications to yourself'That was easy!')
context.sms('Hey, this is an important alert!')

Auth is finally easy

export function doStuff (context: Context) {
  if (context.hasRole('admin')) {
    return 'Hey admin!'
  if (context.isAnonymous()) {
    return 'Hey, you might want to sign in for more features!'
  return 'Hey user!'

Return JSON, React JSX pages, or anything else

export function homePage (context: Context) {
  return (
      <p className="text-xl text-blue-300">
        TypeScript, Tailwind, and more are built in with
        no configuration and no build tools!

Use AI to generate text, scrape websites, and more

const rhymes = await'What rhymes with orange? πŸ˜‚')

const articles = await{
  prompt: 'What articles are on these pages?',
  schema: {
    articles: z.array(z.object({ title: z.string() }))
  data: {
    urls: [

Schedule things to run in the future

Use English, like immediately, within 24 hours, after 5 minutes, next week, every last Friday of the month or use a timestamp or cron syntax.

export function onUserSignup (context: Context) {
  const { email } = context.request
    when: 'immediately',
    function: context.functions.sendWelcomeEmail,
    params: { email }

Payments, and more, all built right in

Create checkout links so that customers can pay you.

const link = context.payments.createCheckoutLink({
  product: {
    name: 'Fur coat',
    price: '$249.99'
  discount: {
    percent: 20
  link: {
    expiresIn: '30 minutes'

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✨ Browse all data in a nice spreadsheet-like GUI
✨ Typed remote function calls
✨ Import packages from any language
✨ Share functions publicly
✨ Deploy in your own cloud account (AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, Fly, Docker)

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