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rx is a lightweight CLI and runtime that lets you deploy any function instantly as you save it in your editor. It’s fast, simple, and takes care of setting up all your cloud infrastructure.

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Introducing rx/queryfile

queryfile is a new AI-powered file format that will level-up your database game.

  1. Describe your business
  2. Describe the queries you're interested in
  3. Get a ready-to-use database, complete with schema, migrations, and a typed SDK

It's perfect for when you have an idea for a new project and want to get started right away. queryfile will take care of setting up your entire data platform, and give you an awesome SDK so you can start making queries and writing data right away.

Let's say we're launching a company to sell some cool t-shirts. We'd like to have a database that lets us list all the shirts we have (for the products page) and lets us track which shirts are the most popular.

Here's how we'd define our database with queryfile.


description: A company that makes t-shirts
  - Get all the t-shirts and their sizes
  - Get newly released t-shirts
  - Get the most popular t-shirts
  - Get the most sold t-shirts

Notice, there's no SQL or database configuration in sight! queryfile does it for you.

Now you can do:

import { db } from 'queryfile/client'

const shirts = await db('Get the most sold t-shirts')

Yes, it's that easy. And yes, that English-looking query is typed.

Here's how autocomplete looks in VSCode. Notice it completes on all the queries we specified!


✨ Write your queries in a single file
✨ Write all the queries you need or just a description of your business domain
queryfile uses AI to generate your database schema and migrations
✨ No data platform to build or databases to set up
✨ Get started right away with local SQLite, Turso, or Supabase
✨ Bringing your own database? queryfile works with any datastore that speaks SQL

Getting Started

queryfile is coming soon and is completely open source.

You don't need to be in the rx beta to use queryfile, but if you'd like to stay up-to-date with this and other announcements, join the beta here:

We respect your inbox and your privacy.

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